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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Challenges, Challenges

I just returned from my second day of going to the gym on my own.  It sounds like such a mundane, no-big-deal thing, but for me- this is HUGE!  I am sore, stiff, and sweaty... So it did some good for me physically AND it was a huge step emotionally!

I also met with Ian today.  I'm wrapping my head around the challenge he gave me.  I need to decide if I want to accept the challenge of challenging friends/acquaintances/etc. to a challenge.  See why the post title is what it is????  I'm whizzing from thought to thought... wondering if I can even begin to do this!  I told him I don't have the kind of social connections that would be good for this (it's the truth- I just don't roam around social circles as a SAHM).

I wonder about your (whomever may happen to see my blog on this big blue planet...) "21" challenges.  Did you start one?  I'm on day 15 of mine (48+ oz of water each day) and already racing from one idea to another about what the next challenge should be!

I also started a "3-Day Detox" today.  It's a Dr. Oz thing- the smoothies look really healthy and stuff.. If it seems to do some good, I will post a link to the recipes!  I don't want to post them if it's a bust, though.  I HATE the idea of a "diet", but I can definitely use a detox from all the sugar and processed crap-o-lah I have been eating!  maybe I'll feel good enough that I'll want to stay away from that junk... (ha. ha. I'll just keep focusing on baby steps!)

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