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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Skinny Jeans and Routines in 2013

Happy New Year!!

I have decided that the title of this post is my motto/mantra... MINE for 2013.  I need to learn it, think about it, and OWN IT every day!  This is about recommitting every day to do and be my best at working toward these (silly-sounding, I acknowledge!) important, meaningful goals.

So, the key is baby steps.  Ahh, my beloved FlyLady has taught me so much about loving myself and bravely taking baby steps.  Now, it's time to recommit every day to acting in addition to learning!  My favorite thing to do is sit, read, learn, watch... and then set it aside like another time will be right to do it!

Nope. Nuh-uh. Not happening.  NOT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE :)  I can wake up each morning and recommit to giving it my best, but I can't just "set it aside".  Baby steps would include things like scheduling workouts and keeping my sink shiny (see FlyLady link above if shiny sinks sound unfamiliar to you!)

Happy New Year, everyone!  I am so thankful I have a few more tools in my box than last January, and I can work toward sharing them... evolving... celebrating life... becoming Superwoman!

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