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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Focus in Fourteen.

Focus in fourteen.  I'm still getting used to the motto and the huge meaning behind it!

I have my sights set high, but I'm NOT going to rush through the journey! I'm going to enjoy the baby steps and soak in every minute of learning, growth, and adjusting my path to my goals!  Progress, not perfection.

I talked about this, and today I have "officially" begun The Daniel Plan.  I have an awesome group of ladies who are sharing the journey, and I hope this 40-day study helps change my focus and purpose for wanting to find health- mental, physical, and spiritual!

What do you consider a successful day?

My day is successful because my focus was here:

1. Healthy Breakfast
2. Water (> 64 oz)
3. Vitamins
4. Exercise (I ran a mile- after four weeks of no exercise. whew.)
5. Only water after 7pm (I dumped my coffee out! woohoo! Now that's commitment)
6. Clear the sink before bed
7. Make a plan for tomorrow

It was a good day!  Was it perfect? Nope.  But did I accomplish better things today than yesterday? You betcha.

I'm off to make my plan for tomorrow and get to bed at a decent hour!

I wish you success and progress as you Focus in Fourteen.

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