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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Last Vapors of February..

As February draws to a close, I'm reflecting on highs and lows this month.  I am finishing up "week 5" of my C210K program tomorrow.  This is a 14 week program, and I'm still feeling pretty committed!  I've done a few "strength" workouts, knowing I need to build up my core and general endurance.

I started with the highs... but I still find myself struggling with food!  I have defeated myself by making a couple of extremely healthy things that I really didn't care for.  I have got to figure out how to cook this stuff so it tastes good!  I love the veggies sauteed with the "natural" version of soy sauce... what's it called...??  Liquid Aminos (I had to go look).

However, I tried to make "coconut rice", and it tasted like dirt.  I tried "tempeh"- I don't even know if I spelled that right.  It tasted icky, and it was really expensive!  I messed up my first attempt at making hummus.  Ugh, this trial and error of finding things I find palatable could end up costing a small fortune!

I really feel like- rather than getting myself overwhelmed with the all-or-nothing trap (I LOVE to use that one as an excuse!!), I need to keep baby stepping.  I got the feeling (again) that if I wasn't doing it according to the Daniel Plan recipes, I was failing anyway- and I have been going hog wild- letting the good veggies go bad in the fridge while I pigged out on popcorn, frozen pizzas, and "protein bars" (really just glorified candy bars- not the healthy ones).

So, here's to the beginning of March- which will begin with my first 5k on the first day of the month!! And here's to looking forward to "better".

Refocus, relax, have fun....

FOCUS (continually) IN FOURTEEN  

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