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Monday, December 30, 2013

Preparing for 2014

queen, mean, bean, machine, jean...

Words that rhyme with 2014?!  Is that the important part of making my mantra for the New Year? As I sit and think about how to do it, the thought becomes more and more absurd! I mean, it's convenient to have something prettily tied up in a bow- and isn't it just like a SLACKER to sit and stew about the details and prettiest words while she should be making grand plans to baby-step her way to a SUPERWOMAN!?!

So, now I'm brainstorming outside the rhyme-time box!

Focus in Fourteen.

I am letting it swish around... But I think it's not flashy and very fitting.

It is spot-on what my goals and life need.  There we have it.

Do you like to have a "motto" for the new year?  Last year, I adopted the motto "routines and skinny jeans in 2013".  I am looking at the last day of 2013 on my calendar, and I think... the motto didn't do magic.  I'm no closer to skinny jeans than I was a year ago.  I've accomplished some things, but I didn't bother to really get a plan in place to meet those goals- nothing came together between my "motto" and life.

So, here's to a New Year, and a New You (and me, too!).  Here's to Focus in '14!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas is Coming :)

Thanks to the few of you who read this blog... 2014 is going to be awesome!  I'm so excited about things- and after the hustle and bustle, joy and celebration, and business of Christmas is over, I'm going to be sharing my plans and direction with you!  Have a Blessed Holiday!!

2013 Christmas Card
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

A New Week is Crawling Up Like Last Year's Underwear Elastic!

Yikes!  Time flies when you're sitting around for an unplanned 3-day weekend...

Well, it's a new week, and I'm starting it off by sharing the article in the newspaper today, called "What's Your Workout?"   (the link goes to the article) The article is a feature in the Sunday Lifestyles section of our local paper, and a few weeks ago, they chose me!  I've been wondering if they decided better of it and declined my interview, LOL.  I am telling you, I usually look at that feature and am humbled and inspired by the athletes they highlight!  They usually use marathon runners, professional trainers, crossfitters, or Iron Man-like competitors!  I keep joking that they must have wanted an "Average Jo"... and they killed two birds with one stone in choosing me!

So, after a week of pouting around about the scale, then refusing to give in to the power of a number, feeling like I want to start really toning and *gulp* lifting weights, then flip-flopping and eating too much of all the wrong stuff because I'm thinking about that awful "c" word (change), etc etc... I am inspired to live up to the words in that fun little article.  They were my words, after all.

My motto for right now:  One day at a time, but plan for it a day ahead!

Here's the dilemma for tomorrow:  I want to go to the gym! I need the gym!  However, there are already 15ish school delays in this area due to the misty wintry mix that's coating the roads.  Grr.  I'm not going to let it derail me.

Here's my plan for tomorrow:  I'm going to allow myself to play on Pinterest tonight and choose a WOD to do at home tomorrow from one of the many great boards I follow!  I can't pull that "Ohhh, I can't work out because I was gonna go to the gym".  Please.  Such malarkey.

This is kind of random, but I would love to hear reader feedback, thoughts, and respectful opinions about The Daniel Plan. The link takes you to the website- the book is by Rick Warren (and consulting doctors), and the focus seems to be down-to-earth, common-sense- reasonable!  I need to do more looking and learning, but I really think I could sink my teeth in to this one.  It doesn't look like a "magic pill" at all.  I would love it if my church (or a community organization) would start a group to do this together.  I could use help in ALL of the areas this plan covers (focus, friendship, food, faith, and fitness).

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Scale and Me

We do not bode well.  Let's just say that I allow too much power to that hunk of metal.  

It told me a few more things than I wanted to know yesterday, if you catch my drift.

Here is my failure: The number.  And that crushing feeling of heartbreak, disappointment, and despair that I allowed myself because of what a piece of electronic equipment spit out.

Here is my success:  
  •  I checked it at the door.  I put the scale back (under this, behind that, back there...)
  • I promptly got my butt out the door, just as I had planned, and ran 3.43 miles. Because I can.  Even with a few extra lbs.  
  • I celebrated that I was able to do that!
  • I looked inwardly and saw that I felt good about the work I have been putting in the last couple of weeks.  My mood has been better, and I have been making it to the gym for workouts!
  • I recognize that I am continuing to struggle with eating and planning.  I am truly getting closer to the next step, which is action.
  • I did not walk back to the scale to get beaten down by a number today.  This is a big deal!  I'm not letting it define me, and I'm celebrating what I'm doing right!
  • I have committed to no scales until at LEAST after New Year's Day (maybe not even then!)
I do understand a need to keep track of weight for health reasons- you know, for those pesky questionnaires- "significant gains/losses", but I can, quite honestly, feel the trend by the way my clothes fit.  I may try to convince myself that the dryer is doing some "extra shrinkage", but honestly, I knew the truth before I stepped on the scale.  

As I look for inspiration, I see that I need to get in my workout gear and move.  I restarted my "10 minutes of heart-elevating exercise every day" as my "21".  I made it to day 17 last time, and then I just stopped. Stopped.  Really?!  After jumping out of bed at 11:45 pm and setting my timer for 10 minutes one night, I just "let it go"??  What makes a person do that?  Psychology friends/family, please explain that one!  Anyway, this will be Day 8, so I'm posting it here for the world to see!  

I found this image today, and it looks like it's part of the "I Am Project"  I am not familiar with it, but it seems to be based on debunking the mythical creatures that flood our main-stream media today.  It's a pretty awesome sign, and I need to remember it today!