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Sunday, December 30, 2012

As 2012 Winds Down..

Where did it go?? I am just scratching my head, looking around, and wondering how in the WORLD my children got so big and what time warp swept me to 2013!

As I look forward to the New Year, I am looking for a "theme" for 2013.  A motto of sorts; one that represents my aspirations for what the next 365.25-day cycle will bring about!

How about these?

Getting Lean in 2013 (probably in wide use all over!)

Peace with Routines in 2013

Hot in Skinny Jeans for 2013 (hehehe)

Skinny Jeans and Routines in 2013 (ohhh...?? I like!)

Ok, I am going to think for a while, but I am leaning toward the last one!!  It incorporates the two changes I'd like to see in myself for the new year!

I have a cleaning tip... I just loaded all the dispensers in my HE washer with bleach and sprayed bleachwater in the drum and ran the washer through a "Sanitary" cycle (hottest and longest)... and I have a headache from the nasty bleach fumes.  I would recommend ventilation when you run that much bleach through a 2.5+ hour cycle!!  

Happy Almost-New-Year's-Eve! :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

First, Merry Christmas!  I hope your Holiday was blessed and you got to (or get to) enjoy time with people you care about during this Season.

How appropriate that I'm re-entering the World 'O Blog now... Because my workouts have come full circle!  The SHE contest is over... and I, never thinking of it as a competition, actually won 3rd place!! Woot!  It was an incredibly amazing 14-week, life-altering, whole-earth-shifting experience!

After we finished the program and had really ramped-up our workouts considerably, I have gone back to the "Sculpt Phase", which was Phase II in the program (what I last blogged about!!).  I have increased my weight in all the exercises, and I added a round on to the end, and I'm able to do it without difficulty!  Now, with that said, I still sweat like a Frosty in the desert, but I can DO IT!  it feels SO great to be able to go to the gym and kind of know what I'm doing and how to do it!  For the next six months, I will continue going to Tipton Lakes Athletics Club and really solidify the routine of working out on a VERY regular basis!

I know I didn't start this blog as a Gym Rat page, but it's part of who I want to be, and I'm working for it.  It feels good, it's good for me, so I'm going to write about it. :)

But... (always a but, isn't there??)

The house has not made the progress my body has made!

Here is what I have done pretty well:
1.  Laundry- Washing it, that is.  Folding and putting away are a different story.
2.  Personal Hygiene- I have been consistent about showering! (not much choice, but hey- give credit where credit is due!)... and yes, I normally took a shower each day before... it's just that now, it's more like 95% of the time instead of 85% of the time!
3.  Keeping almond milk and orange juice stocked in the house.

Yes, that is kind of a pitiful list... but I'll take it for now!  A big change is happening, and the other ones will come along with time!

Tonight, I ran the dishwasher (twice, really), picked up most of the Christmas trash, cleared paths on the floors, put away two loads of laundry, washed another, took my vitamins, took a shower (I still had my jammies on at 11pm),

Now, it's time to sit, sip my tea, and reflect on what I will do tomorrow with the kids, myself, for exerise- an actual "blizzard warning" has been buzzing around all day, so that takes away my 9am trip to the gym- and to keep from eating the wrong things!