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Sunday, December 30, 2012

As 2012 Winds Down..

Where did it go?? I am just scratching my head, looking around, and wondering how in the WORLD my children got so big and what time warp swept me to 2013!

As I look forward to the New Year, I am looking for a "theme" for 2013.  A motto of sorts; one that represents my aspirations for what the next 365.25-day cycle will bring about!

How about these?

Getting Lean in 2013 (probably in wide use all over!)

Peace with Routines in 2013

Hot in Skinny Jeans for 2013 (hehehe)

Skinny Jeans and Routines in 2013 (ohhh...?? I like!)

Ok, I am going to think for a while, but I am leaning toward the last one!!  It incorporates the two changes I'd like to see in myself for the new year!

I have a cleaning tip... I just loaded all the dispensers in my HE washer with bleach and sprayed bleachwater in the drum and ran the washer through a "Sanitary" cycle (hottest and longest)... and I have a headache from the nasty bleach fumes.  I would recommend ventilation when you run that much bleach through a 2.5+ hour cycle!!  

Happy Almost-New-Year's-Eve! :)

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