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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Focus on the Positive!

WOOT!!!  I am SO going to focus on the things going right in my life :)  We overcame sickness in 4/5 of our family members in the past week!!  I have done two loads of laundry and I ran the dishwasher twice today.  Then, there was the small matter of going to the gym and taking the "assessment" (I call it a TEST).  Oh yes, I rocked it!!  Well... you know the pictures going around now about what you think you look like.. and then what you actually look like??  hehe, It's kinda like that for me.  I feel good, and I know what I'm doing is good for me- even if it's less than half what someone else can do- it's twice as good as what I'd be just sitting on the couch!  It's all good, and I feel great about it!

We are looking at changing the way we eat here at the Slacker household.  This really sucks... because I don't "cook" per se.  We need to eliminate gluten, I fear.  My dear son keeps getting hives, and they seem to be getting worse as time passes.  I'm going to try to get him in to the doctor soon, but man, I do NOT want to change our whole food-lives!!  I have to find a doctor.  The one we have used is never available, and I don't trust all of her back-up providers.


  1. Tracy has trouble with gluten for the kids. Have you talked to her?

  2. Jan, around the time of this message, we eliminated milk and white bread.. that, ALONE, has been enough to keep the hives at bay. It still amazes me, but that was "enough". I would like to say we've switched to Paleo eating, but... well... we haven't :)