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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Scale and Me

We do not bode well.  Let's just say that I allow too much power to that hunk of metal.  

It told me a few more things than I wanted to know yesterday, if you catch my drift.

Here is my failure: The number.  And that crushing feeling of heartbreak, disappointment, and despair that I allowed myself because of what a piece of electronic equipment spit out.

Here is my success:  
  •  I checked it at the door.  I put the scale back (under this, behind that, back there...)
  • I promptly got my butt out the door, just as I had planned, and ran 3.43 miles. Because I can.  Even with a few extra lbs.  
  • I celebrated that I was able to do that!
  • I looked inwardly and saw that I felt good about the work I have been putting in the last couple of weeks.  My mood has been better, and I have been making it to the gym for workouts!
  • I recognize that I am continuing to struggle with eating and planning.  I am truly getting closer to the next step, which is action.
  • I did not walk back to the scale to get beaten down by a number today.  This is a big deal!  I'm not letting it define me, and I'm celebrating what I'm doing right!
  • I have committed to no scales until at LEAST after New Year's Day (maybe not even then!)
I do understand a need to keep track of weight for health reasons- you know, for those pesky questionnaires- "significant gains/losses", but I can, quite honestly, feel the trend by the way my clothes fit.  I may try to convince myself that the dryer is doing some "extra shrinkage", but honestly, I knew the truth before I stepped on the scale.  

As I look for inspiration, I see that I need to get in my workout gear and move.  I restarted my "10 minutes of heart-elevating exercise every day" as my "21".  I made it to day 17 last time, and then I just stopped. Stopped.  Really?!  After jumping out of bed at 11:45 pm and setting my timer for 10 minutes one night, I just "let it go"??  What makes a person do that?  Psychology friends/family, please explain that one!  Anyway, this will be Day 8, so I'm posting it here for the world to see!  

I found this image today, and it looks like it's part of the "I Am Project"  I am not familiar with it, but it seems to be based on debunking the mythical creatures that flood our main-stream media today.  It's a pretty awesome sign, and I need to remember it today!

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