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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Planning Brat

Among my Super Powers, I would like to be able to write menus in a "swoop"... or "a single bound"... you get my drift.

I get SO so overwhelmed when I think about planning a menu for a week.  Sometimes, I get overwhelmed just thinking about what we can have for supper!

I dearly love FlyLady and her teachings, musings, and encouraging ways.  ( is her web address if you want to check her out).  FlyLady and her friend Pam came out with this "Inner Brat" thing a few years ago.  Since they introduced this "inner child" idea, they have changed her to an "Inner Princess".

I found that girl a few years ago, named her Peggy, and she's pretty much a brat.  There's no sugar-coating it.  I love her, but until we figure out this Superwoman thing, we have to call a spade a spade..or, in this case, a brat a brat.  Maybe someday Peggy will even grow into a mature woman, but right now- BtotheRtotheAtotheT. (yes, I am logically aware that I make my own choices and all that... but the inner brat thing is way more fun to talk about!).

Sorry, I digress... I'm hoping you can see the (lack of) maturity level I'm dealing with here. When I think about menus, Peggy likes to jump up and down and create a ruckus, screaming- "You can't DOOO that!!  You never learned HOWWW! That's too much for you, and let's check Facebook!!! (or, if the computer is off, "Look, a squirrel!!)"

Yep, ok. you win. Facebook is waaaay more fun than trying to figure out what you're going to eat for an entire week. *click*

This reminds me of another little Facebook picture I have posted before... the caption reads "Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail". I am setting myself up for ... what?!


What the heck?!  That is definitely not me- it's just not what I'm all about.  I have to shake this thing, and I need to move in the direction of planning.

What do I do?  How about this:

Plan two days' menus by 10:00 pm tonight. 

Does anyone else need this kick in the pants? Have you dealt with the "Planning Brat"??  How did you overcome her?

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  1. Start with baby steps, by writing out the family's favorite meals, the family helps with this project. Be sure to include what you order when you go out to eat. Next thing you do is find/collect simple recipes, I like recipe cards so I can have them separated, in order of use and ready to go. Now, you should have at least one week of menus. After a week the family probably will have thought of more meals that you can add to your menu for next week. After that you will start to find new recipes to try. Plan on only trying new recipes once or even make a half recipe to start. That way you don't have leftovers you don't like. If they like it they will be excited if you try it again. Take it slow. I have planned a leftover night and at least one slow cooker night, if your schedual works you can plan a "supper out night".