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Thursday, November 7, 2013


Oh, I bet you thought that title indicated that I'm working on something, huh?  Well, as my dad would say, you put the em-pha-sis on the wrong syl-ahh-ble. After that play on words, you know where I get my sense of humor :)

I'm talking about the way I project my own feelings on to others.

Oh. Reality check.  Did I really do that?

Yes. *groan*

I have been using the phrase "You make me....!" like a madwoman the last few weeks.  no. nono. That is not acceptable.  I have talked long, hard, and thoroughly with my children about why this is not valid, but for the last few weeks, I've just decided to ignore those wise words. It's an excuse of the worst kind; especially when you look at me- Miss Stubborn, Miss Independent, Miss I-Own-It.

I have an epic fail on my hands.  Those words make me feel mousy and weak, and that is offensive to my sensibilities!

I've been projecting my moody little pity parties on the ones I love most.

Plan for Improvement:
I recognize, acknowledge (have apologized and asked for forgiveness), and will now SUCK IT UP and move forward. Forward without blaming everyone else for my choice to be moody, brooding, hurt, blah blah.

I am so stinking blessed, it's not even funny! I don't have the right or a real purpose to use those silly defense mechanisms.. So, I'm going to smile and move right along!  It was a little hiccup, and now I'm right back on track. :)

This is how the morning started:

Do you know what's GREAT about that? (and yes, that is gold-flecked countertop) There are lots of bonuses here:  I fixed it up, and it worked for a couple of extra months.  The machine gave up the ghost after I made the coffee this morning, and DH is off tonight and offered to take us to get a new one! Normally, I wouldn't want to trouble my hubby with shopping (he generally hates it), but he usually helps me pick out better-quality appliances than I would probably get if I were on my own.  

How's that for silver lining?

Thought for the day:  Do not allow yourself to think for one minute that other people can "make you feel...".  Do not give other people control like that.  You control how you feel, and you control how you act. 

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