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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Day of Firsts

First #1:  I volunteered in Kindergarten today!  I love my kids very much, and I think they are great- And I know I put myself at risk of being judged by simply stating this... but hey, I'm "out here" to let my faults and this whole learning process hang out for the world to see, right?!  Well, I'm not really crazy about the idea of being responsible for other kids.  It always turns out better than I anticipate (I had a fun time today- that class is just fantastic!), but I am uncomfortable being in charge of (responsible for) other people's kids.  So, today was really an exception, and volunteering was more than just tolerable as I had feared!  I like his teacher and the kids in the class!

First #2:  I watched/helped with a cria birth today all by myself! This was our 5th birth on the farm, but this was one that I waited out and helped with on my own!  Ok, I really didn't do anything- Emmy did the pushing and the birthing stuff... but, hey, I got the baby's nose out of the limestone- that counts, right??  And this baby was a GIRL!  Girls are coveted among alpaca owners (ask more if interested, I can talk alpacas all day!)

I ended up in the barn for the majority of the day after I got home from being a Kindergarten volunteer.  Here is the kicker... When I came in the house, it was picked up AND my sink was shining!!! WOW, it seriously felt like someone gave me a gift. Oh wait- I did that!!!  (happy dance- that felt great!)  I am NOT saying my house was squeaky-clean! We are far, far from that.  But this success felt good, all the same.

I did my before bed routine in it's entirety last night, and I am hoping to get all finished up and in bed by 11pm tonight~

This was a good day :)

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