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Monday, September 3, 2012

Cria and Brat

We had our first 2012 cria today!  What is a cria, you ask? A cria (pronounced cree' ah) is a baby alpaca!  They are very cute, and I will post a picture soon to show you (my, uhh, nonexistent readers at this point- thank goodness!).

This brings me to another part of my life I suppose I'll be sharing; we have a herd of  eight alpacas with #9 expected any day!  They are awesome, fun, low maintenance, and I'm sure I'll want to share more about them later!

Now for the "Brat" part of my post. (deep breath and remember confessing is good for the soul).

After learning I was selected as a contestant in the fantastic opportunity with She Magazine, I did what any self-loathing brat would do... I started eating junk, staying up later, and being a general b-uhh- Witch.  My inner brat jumped into my fore-brain and yanked my controllers down- and I heard her yell "Hang on, cause I'M in control NOW!!"  I am going to have to spend the next couple days bargaining with her (Peggy is my brat's name- if you're familiar with the Slob Sisters, you'll know I'm not completely crazy).  She only wants to have fun... so we have to focus on the fun and back off the bloating, bingeing, bickering and so on! Yikes.  The way I have felt for the past four hours or so is just plain scary.  I see now why I love junk food so much.  I literally feel like I've had too much to drink.  My head is fuzzy, I'm not completing my thoughts, and I am having trouble focusing my eyes. (and no, I haven't had any adult beverages or medication at all!).

I did manage to make the kitchen much improved each night this weekend.  This is a big step for me to do it this many days in a row.  Last night, I stayed up too late, but I did my complete "Before Bed Routine"!

Today, I offered my first service to our new church. A couple weeks ago, an email went around about serving meals to folks dealing with illness in their families.  This sounded great- I have not volunteered or done anything of significance besides common courtesy/friendliness for others in way, WAY too long.  I wanted the chance to DO something for someone else!  So... I signed up to cook a meal for a family today.  Awesome opportunity, right?  Not too hard, right?  Wrong.  I loved being able to serve, but I am a ... let's just say a bad cook when it comes to entire meals. One dish, I'm golden- a whole meal- mmm, not so much.  I think I need to sign off that volunteer list or figure out a few fail-proof dishes (if that exists!).

I feel much better after "fessing up" to my weekend-long tantrum.  I also saw the positive in that I still did most of my "Before Bed Routine" despite the junk food and exhaustion from lack of sleep.

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