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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Viewers like You!

I just snooped around at the few people who have actually viewed my blog.  I find it interesting that in the last few days, SIX people from China have viewed my blog. I can't help but giggle and wonder what they think this Crazy American Lady with Slacker Status is doing with her very own blog!?

All I can say is... This is the Land of Opportunity, folks :)  Even slackers like me get a chance to post/rant/vent/express/learn/teach through the ever-awesome inter-net.

I am thankful that I have the chance to try blogging- even if I'm not seeing the immediate results slackers everywhere must have to feel any motivation to continue!  It's kind of the same concept as watching what you eat and exercising once.. then going to the mirror, expecting to see the results of your "hard work".  HA.  Since I can laugh at this idea, do I get to move my notch just the tiniest bit away from "Slacker" toward "Superwoman"??  Ok, I won't push it...

My poor hubby is still sick.  My daughter went back to the ENT today, and he has informed us that she is going to need tubes put back in her ears. Luckily, it's not an emergency, but it is inevitable.  Poor kid.

The girls have come home and done their homework 2 days in a row- with NO arguing! I love it!  I am trying to ease in to chores, but I think they "get" that life as they knew it is changing.  I think they are ready for more responsibility.  And.. I think I need to get myself ready to put my little guy in the same category.

Today, I had a good workout, did three loads of laundry, the dishwasher is running, and I have plans for my workout tomorrow.  I actually made supper tonight, and I was really, really irritated about the recipe I followed to the T.  It left out a couple of things that would have made the paella much better.  But- live and learn.

I would love to be in bed before 11pm.  I think I'm sleeping on the couch- ugh.

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