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Sunday, January 13, 2013

How To Prepare for Next Week (?)

I would love to make this a post about the best way to prepare for the upcoming week!  However, I do not know (I just heard that line in the voice of Danny Zuko from Grease- how old am I??)

I have seen and read too many things about how to do it- I've printed the printables- logic tells me- and SLACKER hangs on like super glue and tells me it's all too much- I can't do it!  I get overwhelmed, and I turn to solid rock... wide eyed, heart palpitating, and unable to move to step 1. Grrr.

This process is going to be eternal, I think.  The process of preparing and doing- following a plan- getting a routine... The horrible thing:  It all sounds like it should be so natural and normal!  It's something that moms/housewives have been doing for centuries in one way or another, so why do I feel terminally unique? It's like my situation doesn't fit neatly in ANY of the articles and blogs that have come before me. pssshhhh. Yah, gimme a break.  This is what my beloved FlyLady calls "Stinking Thinking".  Who knew there was a name for that awful thought process!? FlyLady, that's who!

So. Today, my entry is going to be in pieces.  Here, I am writing and motivating myself (I'm done beating myself up now- time to get to work!)

When I have successful days, I often have a list typed or written.  That way, when I'm done, I can check them off (We S.H.E.s love our lists!)

Here is my list for the rest of the afternoon/evening hours:

  • Feed/Water the Animals
  • Reboot Laundry (x3)
  • Shower  *ahhhh :) 
  • Take 2 Boxes for AmVets to DGF's House  (loaded in car to drop off on the way to gym tomorrow)
  • What's for Supper? (Do NOT ask... it's done and they're fed, lol)
  • Start Grocery List
  • Clean Toilets
  • Start Dishwasher
You will notice as I finished them, I just crossed them out, neat-as-you-please...

It feels pretty good to have a few things knocked out!  It's not much, I know- but on those days when I don't feel like doing jack- it's SOMETHING.

It's a good tool, and I think when I get out the timer and use it in conjunction with the tasks, I can fly through even more!

I have a workout at 8:30am- I'm hoping the roads are ok.. there is potential for icy roads and school delays... I hope it doesn't get bad.  I NEED my gym fix with one of my very favorite SHEsters!!

So, cheers to some success today :)  And, I have no preparation for next week, except that the laundry is done and the grocery list is started!

Here is a list of abbreviations you might not be familiar with:
S.H.E.- Sidetracked Home Executive
SHE(this was not used today) also stands for Strong, Healthy, Empowered (the 14 week fitness contest I was involved in)
DGF - Dear GirlFriend (DH is Dear Husband, DS6 is my Dear Son who is 6, DD9 is my Dear Daughter who is 9... etc.)

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