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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Slacker Status Securely Sucking Someone's Spirit

It's been a while- Here's the latest news:

I participated in a "Zombie Run" 5k on June 22nd (if you're curious about this, check it out aRun For Your Lives).  Upon reaching the half-way point, I promptly crashed and burned.  I was trying to avoid a zombie, and my body zigged while my foot zagged (or something like that).  After a trip to the Emergency Department, I found out I quite thoroughly sprained my ankle and tore whatever-it-is that holds it all together.  it has been nearly 3 weeks, and I am turning in to a ball of Jell-O.  Heaven forbid that I push my physical limits and exercise the rest of my body because my ankle is sore/swollen.  ACK!  I make myself crazy!!

I am writing this blog post as a SCREAM out to my inner brat- I'm letting her know that I understand what's going on, and we're not going down this road any more!! The junk stops HERE.  Junk food, stinking thinking, self-sabotage, and negative self-talk are done!  No excuses, more action, and here we go!

On a positive note, I have learned a couple of valuable things in the past few months (thanks to Ian, my trainer).  One of which is a habit-building "game", of sorts.  I like to call it "21".  I have used this tool to do some useful things!  I now eat breakfast and drink 20 oz of water within an hour of waking up at least 90% of the time- Pretty cool!  I am on day 10 of my 3rd "21" now- drinking a minimum of 48 oz of water each day.  Want to know how the "game" works?

  1. Find a very simple (BABY STEPS, folks!) change you would like to make in order to improve your life just a tiny bit.  Be specific and simple!  Set yourself up for success!
  2. Commit to 21 days IN A ROW. (yes, this includes weekends and vacations!) If it's a bad time, don't start yet.  Again: Set yourself up for success!
  3. Put a star/smiley face/other fun marking on the calendar to show each day you have completed.
  4. If you mess up (expect to mess up- we're human!), you MUST START OVER.  That's right- if you are on day 18 and you slip up and break your commitment, you start over at day 1!  Remember: this is a habit you want for a lifetime anyway- get the 21 days in a row!
  5. (optional) You could reward yourself when you finish the 21st day!  I have rewarded myself by cheering, getting a pat on the back, and then announcing my next "21".

** Side note:  I fully understand that "21" will not offer a magic spell that MAKES your habit "stick".  This is a tool to help get the ball rolling!

I love sharing this challenge!  I want to hear your feedback about "21".. ideas, your challenges, your successes, struggles, or what you have learned!

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