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Friday, July 19, 2013

Detox Defeat.. Looking Forward to Baby Steps Success!

I posted in my last entry about a "detox".  Well, I didn't make it past day 1.  The smoothies were just yucky, and I simply quit- I quit because I was hungry, and the feeling of deprivation does nasty things to my thought processes.  Baby steps are the keys for me in any life-changing journey!

I have placed my Day #18 star on my calendar!  I am firming up my ideas for my next "21".  I think it's going to be combining all 3 previous challenges.  I am predicting some results at the end of that "21"!  I am also hoping it will solidify all of the habits so I can move on to another set of baby steps!  If you're not aware of my first 3 "21" Challenges, they were:
1. Eat breakfast and drink 20 oz of water within 1 hour of waking(getting out of bed)
2. Stop eating and drinking (EXCEPT WATER- Water is encouraged at any time!) after 7:30 pm
3. Drink a minimum of 48 oz of water each day (I have usually been drinking 64 oz, so I may just increase the water amount in the next challenge)

I can't wait to get this challenge finished and the next one locked and loaded!  I have ideas out the yin-yang about new challenges after I solidify these!!

I worked out today at the gym and did quite a bit more than I did the last 2 times!

My DS6 is going to a flag football clinic tomorrow- he has no idea how to play football, but he is VERY excited!  I hope he enjoys it as much as he thinks he will!

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