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Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Mid-Month Monday!

I'm at it again!  Blogging, thinking, challenging... hmm, can you smell the wood burning??  I am in love with this Fall Break!  My kids are on that "modified schedule" that gives us a two week Fall Break.  The weather is gorgeous, and we have been outside and active!

One thing I am so, incredibly proud of... we have biked/walked/jogged over 3 miles on FOUR of our Fall Break days!  My 8 year old is involved in Girls On The Run (read more about GOTR by clicking, and I am trying to increase my speed so I can keep up with her at the 5k we're running in November!  I am doing a c25k program (I'll discuss this more at another time! It's awesome!).  We did "Week 6, Day 1" while the other 2 kids biked along with us.

You know what this means??? I HAVE AN ACTIVE FAMILY!!! *cheers, squeals, fist pumps*

I want to wish you a Happy Monday!  I have a little sign from a Facebook post, and it says "It's Monday, Don't forget to be awesome!"  So, remember that- and enjoy the rest of your day!

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