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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wednesday was Play-Day

We went a-playing yesterday!  We had a fun time at the indoor playground and the old-timey ice cream parlor.  I have really enjoyed being able to go and do a few relatively inexpensive things with the kids during our new and improved, extended Fall Break.
On another note, the menu failed again yesterday..  like, as in, DID NOT DO.  It's frustrating, and I shouldn't have started with something that depends on DH to "want" it (the kids won't eat it, so it's silly to make it if he wo..blahblahexcuseblah) But today is a new day!  I'm going to make some crockpot something-or-other chicken!

Today is also a cleaning day.  Today we must clean for TWO HOURS. All of us. I'm going to get out the timer and require 10 minutes at a time!  Oh yes, it's a game!!  Now, answer this: is the game for my Inner Brat Peggy, or is it "for the kids"??  Yah, totally for the kids, right? *cough*

I'll let you know the hows and how-it-went after we're done!  I'd love to hear your thoughts, links and ideas for cleaning with kids!

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