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Friday, October 18, 2013

The "300" Mark

I have to admit, I keep watching my "pageviews".  I don't think it's an accurate measure of who actually reads my blog, but it's exciting that people are hitting on the page.  Is that even a term?  I am learning so much about the blogosphere, but I'm pretty clueless. I know, you couldn't tell, right? haha. It's ok to have a laugh at my expense, I do it all the time!

I am almost at "300" pageviews! This is so exciting to me, because when I restarted (again. for like the third time.) a few days ago, I think I was on something like 66.  I'm so excited that people have actually clicked to check out this page!  If you are one of those folks, I thank you- and I welcome you to my blog and a little slice of my life!

Let's recap yesterday. I wanted to do TWO HOURS of housework with the kiddies.  That, my friends, did not happen.  Sometimes I am waaaay too ambitious.  I forget I'm not Superwoman yet, and my kids' superpowers are not intuiting how I want them to do housework.

I sketched out a chart (just a rough sheet slapped on the wall- this is huge for me! I would usually get so lost in the detail that we would never even see a complete chart!). I put their names in columns, each column with numbers 1-12 (120 minutes divided into 10 minute "sets").

We made it through #4. We even took a rest break after #3... At that point, mommy had a little meltdown.  Imagine this: my kids were not doing things the way I thought they should do them.

Then, something amazing happened.  I read a blog that gave me a smack-down and pointed right in my face.  Nony is a great writer.  She's funny and smart and quick-witted... and sometimes, I think she has a video camera in my house. for REAL. You can read the post I'm talking about here: "Smarter"  I don't like getting mad, yet I choose that reaction way too often.  It makes me sad, but it makes me want to improve my Slacker status even more, which is a good thing!

So here's to sending the kids outside to play today and plugging away at a few 10-minute sets on my own.  Enjoy the rest of your Friday!  I know I'm going to :)

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