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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Exhausted for No Good Reason!

I know why I'm exhausted, and it truly is not a good reason.  That is because I know better, but I choose not to do better.  Infuriating.

I do exercise.  I have marked 7 days in a row of getting at least some exercise on a daily basis.  Today, however, I am putting off the exercise (tick-tock, I'm about out of time!).

Ok, hold on, just typing those words gave me a fit of inspiration- I'll be back after I get at least a few minutes of actual heart-elevation...

I did it! I called myself out and then I made it right by just doing it!  Make that 8 stickers in a row for Jo's "21" Challenge!! Woot Woot!

So, back to the reason I'm so stinking tired.  It's as simple as pie (I think I intended that pun).

I eat like poop.  I don't know what keeps holding me back here.  It's not rocket science, and although I have taken a couple of good steps forward, it's been a year now, and I'm ready to say I've taken more than a few steps in the kitchen!

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I've eaten too much refined flour and sugar lately.  They make me grumpy, irritable, bloated, and after I eat these things, they make me feel like I have a huge hangover.

I am the definition of insanity, right?!  I keep doing the same stuff over and over, trying to imagine different results.... ACK!!

Ok, getting a grip :)

On a positive note, I have been doing much better with thinking before I blame others for the way I feel or react.  Which is a good thing, it turns out... because my DD9 is in hot water for just such an issue.  I feel like going through the actions is helping me help her get a grip on this "pointing fingers" game.

I'm going to pack it in for the evening.  I'd like to be on my way to dreamland by 10 and up & at 'em at 5am.  I wish I could say My passion wakes me, but I have to set the alarm clock. And I have moved the alarm clock so I have to take actual steps out of bed to turn it off.  Alas, maybe someday it will be my passion for life, but for now, the alarm clock will do just fine :)

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