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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Veteran's Day

Most of the time,  I don't realize how profoundly I miss my parents.  Right now, I am thankful for the reminder Veteran's Day gave me.  My dad (Mom, too) would have gone with me yesterday to the Veteran's Day Program at the elementary school.  Not because he wanted to be recognized, but because he wanted to see his grand-kids, and I would have asked him in that way, so he couldn't really say no.  I am, after all, the spoiled baby... just ask my sisters and brother *wink*

Instead, I went on my own.  I sat there, thinking about my dad for a moment, because that's what you're supposed to do, right?  I quickly realized I needed to think about whether or not mice could crawl in the big pipes above the gym... Otherwise, I was going to have a big old meltdown in the gymnasium.  I found myself totally detaching from what was going on, so my kids didn't have to wonder what was wrong with Mom for the rest of their school day.

Now, however, with my fingers flying and my mind whirring, with no one to see me and the blessed privacy for a meltdown or 2, I'm going to let you know something: 

I am so proud of my dad.  He never talked much about the war (The Korean Conflict).  He volunteered just a few tidbits. I wish I had known how and what to ask about his experience, because I think it would have brought me closer to understanding him.  I think knowing more about that (and other parts of his history, too) would have helped me know the man who was my first love; the strongest, most powerful earthly being I knew before I met my husband.

I remember wearing his long wool coat to trudge across campus  during the eternal winters at Taylor. I wonder if he knew what it meant for me to wear that coat, knowing it had kept him warm in his Army days? I remember seeing his uniform in the hall closet and wondering, but never knowing what or how to ask questions about it.

Now, I'm just thankful for memories, the things he did share, the sacrifices he made for my country, and the love he gave me.

Thank you, Dad. <3

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