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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sugar High, Anyone?

I was going to try to come down from my sugar high this morning.. but there were these monster cookies.... and there were 4.... and I only have 3 kids.... and I didn't want them to fight over that poor little fourth cookie... and you know where it went. blech.  I am on sugar. overload.

Speaking of Monster Cookies, I found this recipe and pinned it some time ago.  I'll post the picture from, THEN, I'll post a picture of mine. LOL
  Ooey Gooey Monster Eye Cookies Recipe - so good and perfect for Halloween!

I assure you, mine taste really good! I fell in love with the original photo and the color of the cookies... and the actual candy eyes.  They are so adorable!  Here's the positive twist, though- I didn't waste all of my day in pursuit of perfection.  I couldn't find the eyes at the first store, so I didn't dwell on it.  I did my best and moved on!  This is kind of a big deal for me.  I think at another time in my life, I would have thrown my hands up and said "forget it, I'll make the old standby".  Yay me! And yes, I'll be making these cookies again as a party food (not for at-home, because I would eat them all).

Bonus points:  I made a double batch yesterday, so I had enough to pack them up as after-football-game team snacks. :)

The kids were SO fun for Halloween this year. I had 2 little tigers and a tiger-tamer! They were just too cute!