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Saturday, November 9, 2013


I noticed recently that some people are really getting annoyed with the "30 Days of Thankfulness" trend on Facebook.

I have an opinion, and I am "thankful" I have a blog to discuss this!  :)

My opinion has a lot to do with my "Project" post (click the link to read it if you're interested!).  I have lots of thoughts about the subject (surprise, surprise!) I'll try to separate them below, because I tend to run it all together in my mind:

  1. If you think people are annoying you, you are wrong. You are allowing yourself to be annoyed.  You are choosing that reaction. And in the process, you are giving that person an incredible amount of power over you.
  2. You can choose a different reaction. Yep. It's that simple. 
  3. Choose to see the cheery difference in your Cranky Uncle Hank's post about being thankful he has a job- at least he's not posting something about how dark it is in the office or how low his sales numbers are... you get my drift. Stop focusing on what he did yesterday, and celebrate with him!  Maybe... just will help him shift his attitude just a tiny. little. bit.
  4. Why are you "freinds" with people that you claim annoy you?  Is it so you can put down what they're doing? Is it so you can tell so-and-so Cranky Uncle Hank posted this-or-that (this is also known as gossip. ugly word, huh?)?  Answer this honestly- you don't have to say it out loud if it's too hard to admit.  I know I'm stepping back to look at myself here, too.
  5. You may not agree, but I believe it is incredibly important to count your blessings!  Yes, I think you should try to be grateful every day of the year, but why on earth would you want to discourage people from taking time out from their lives to count their blessings- no matter what the format?!
  6. If you are still annoyed, please block the person from your newsfeed rather than putting up a negative picture, quote or status message that belittles others.  
I may very well be missing a vital point here.  I have missed whole sides of some topics before.  I'm willing to listen and try to understand another viewpoint on this, but, at this point, I really believe that having a negative attitude about others being thankful is... nonsensical.  

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